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Raley Tropical Fish

Since 1974, Raley Tropical Fish has earned a reputation for quality and exceptional customer service. As Florida’s largest delivery-only wholesaler, we offer a diverse selection of freshwater fish, saltwater inverts and coral , aquatic plants, pond fish, reptiles, fish bags, and more. We specialize in providing top-tier products to retail stores, ensuring your store’s success with every delivery.

We are proud to be family-owned and operated, with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Our delivery-only model ensures that your orders are carefully handpicked and delivered directly to your store, eliminating the need for third-party carriers and preventing cherry-picking by other customers. We farm and source our stock from Florida’s finest hatcheries and globally respected breeders, guaranteeing the highest quality.

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Fish, Plants, Reptiles & more…

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Freshwater Fish

Freshwater Fish

A wide variety of freshwater species, from Angels to Zebras, delivered fresh to your store, providing healthy options for your aquarium customers.

Saltwater Coral

Saltwater Coral

We offer premium saltwater coral and reef additives, with a range of coral and hardy invertebrates, delivered fresh to your store for optimal quality.

Saltwater Cleanup Crew Critters

Saltwater Cleanup Crew & Critters

Our high-quality Caribbean invertebrates, crabs, mollusks, plants, algae, sponges, stars, sea cucumbers, and urchins, for a healthy and clean saltwater aquarium.

Aquarium Plants


Our diverse selection of aquarium plants includes species like Banana plants, Dwarf Aquarium Lilies, and Tiger Lotus, ensuring fresh, vibrant greenery for every aquarium.

Pond Plants

Pond Plants

Our pond plant selection includes hardy and tropical varieties like Arrow Arum, Lemon Bacopa, and Pickerel, offering vibrant greenery and unique textures for any pond.



Our selection of reptiles, including pythons, boas, lizards, invertebrates, turtles, and frogs, are carefully chosen to ensure top quality animals for your store.

Locations We Service

We proudly service the entire state of Florida, delivering top-quality fish and aquatic supplies directly to your store. No matter where you are in Florida, our reliable delivery ensures you receive the best products for your customers.