Freshwater Fish

From Angels – To – Zebra’s we have them all. We’re still selling lots of Florida farm raised Platies – Swords – Tetras – Barbs – Danios – Gouramies – Cichlids – Mollies, etc. Our imports come from the best dealers worldwide. After 34 years in the business we know where to shop. If you need […]

Saltwater Fish

Excellent prices and quality fish from all over the world. Premium Live Rock. High quality frozen food, reef additives (Ocean’s Blend), Coral Vibrance. Our Salt is packed and delivered on the same day.  Our Salt will not   raise your blood pressure.


It’s important to see the reptile before you pay for it, and you do! Lots of Turtles, Snakes, Lizards & Invertebrates. Florida raised & wild caught, our buyer hand picks them all. When it gets to you if it’s not right, it goes back. Our selection of reptiles changes every week.


An aquarium without live plants, is like a forest without trees. We feature basic Bunch Plants, Terrarium, Potted Aquarium, Hygro Potted, Pond, Pond Lily’s, Marginal, all sizes of Swords & Crypts. Our plants are all raised by local growers and are in your store within 12 hours of being packaged, fresh as a daisy!